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Candles with Callie

My best friend, Callie, asked me recently to buy candle making supplies so she could fill her house with candles. So naturally, being the great friend that I am, I went home and got online to order everything we would need for a candle making party. I have been making candles for a few years now and I’ve tried a few different things as far as method and brands of materials. I’ve definitely honed in on the process and have come up with a few things I wish I would have been able to read about to save time.

  1. Don’t buy Hobby Lobby candle scents. Just don’t. Trust me. They are crap. I’ve found the best way to find the type of scent you’re most drawn to is by purchasing the sampler sets from Candlescience on Amazon, or if you know what you like already you can go to their site directly, but be prepared for hundreds of descriptions and hours wasted narrowing it down.
  2. It’s going to take a lot more wax than you think to make one candle. I bought a bar of beeswax from aforementioned Hobby Lobby, and it made like two candles. The wax was over $10. This was not cost effective at all so I headed to old trusty Amazon and found 10 lbs of wax for $20 which makes about 8 pint sized Mason jar candles.
  3. Hot glue the wick down.
  4. Don’t add the scent until you are ready to pour the wax into the jar, and when you do make sure to stir it in for even distribution.
  5. Resist the temptation to light your candle the same day you make it. If you let it set overnight to make sure it’s completely hardened and cooled you will have a much better burn. Same with trimming the wick!
  6. Last one, and it may seem obvious but it’s pretty important. Make sure your wick is the right size for your jar! If you have the wrong size it can cause smoking, uneven burning and a super hot jar.

I love making candles and it’s super easy, just set the wick, melt the wax, add your scent, and pour. It costs so much less than buying store bought candles & it’s so much more rewarding to light one knowing you made it yourself!

Mason jars are cliché, yes, but they are super convenient to buy on Amazon and work great for candles.

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