Winter Blues

Before my daughter was born, I was in school and working full time as a bank teller. The day before my due date was my last day of work and it’s been a little difficult to switch over to full time stay at home Mom without having a little bit of FOMO. For example, currently it’s been 4 days since I have left the house. Literally. I haven’t even stepped outside in 4 DAYS. We are down to one vehicle right now, so while my husband is at work, I’m home with no car. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was decent outside so we could go on a walk for some much needed fresh air, but it’s in the 20s for the foreseeable future so until Spring comes I feel like a hibernating bear. I love my baby obviously and I love our house, but I definitely understand where the term “going stir crazy” comes from. I try to make an effort to get out at least once every couple days,  whether it’s the grocery store for cat food we don’t need yet or to the gas station just to get a drink, it’s necessary to see that other things exist besides these 4 walls!

I think as a mom it’s such a major transition when you have a baby that it’s easy to get lost in the mix and forget to take care of yourself because you have another person who comes before you do, but it’s important to remember that if you aren’t taken care of you can’t really expect to be able to fully function and take care of baby and husband. I decided recently to try to start taking care of myself again and try to bring back other things in my life that make me happy, like yoga and planning vacations.

She makes me the happiest of all!

To jump-start my “take care of yourself” movement, I scheduled my massage I bought on Groupon 2 months ago, I started a 30 days of yoga regimen, I signed up for an organic fruits and vegetables delivery service, and started planning a vacation to Portland and Seattle with my best friend. I feel better just writing that! It’s the most amazing thing in the world to be a mom, and I’m so beyond grateful that I get to stay home with her everyday and experience every single step of the way, but I don’t want to lose myself and not have happiness outside my daughter also.

As moms,  we get all the guilt in the world; you’re holding your baby too much you’re going to spoil her, you have to make sure to break the co-sleeping habit, you have to choose the right discipline style and make sure you’re forming the type of personality in your baby that is going to be a positive impact on society. So it’s easy to see how we would feel guilty for doing anything that benefits just us and no one else, but if you don’t you go from yourself with all these hobbies and ambitions, to just mom. While this is the most important thing you could ever be, it’s not all you are. You’re a mom, yes, but you have to remember to be a wife and a friend too. I’m so glad I decided to make myself happy,  because no one else will take the job. If I wait too long I might just forget what made me happy before and rely solely on my daughter for happiness and that’s definitely not fair to her. Now, c’mon Spring!

Pretty Colorado wildflowers 💜

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